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Strobe Arm Adapter MX-Base Order ** Email first - quantities are limited **

The MXTENDERTM is the state of the art fiber optic strobe cable system for the Sea&Sea MX-10. Since its introduction in 1999, it has brought MX-10 photography to a whole new level. It allows full off-camera function of the YS-40 or YS-40A strobe, and can be expanded to allow the addition of an arm system. With the MXTENDER, you can enjoy the backscatter reduction which an off-camera strobe makes possible. Proper use of the MXTENDERTM and a little practice can make shooting in less than ideal visibility produce excellent results.

The MXTENDERTM also affords you creative freedom. The same subject can be lighted from multiple angles over several exposures, giving dramatically different effects in each photograph. You can illuminate the underside of a coral head, or backlight a translucent sponge. Also, with the MXTENDERTM you can bracket your exposures by varying strobe to subject distance, instead of changing aperture or moving the camera. This lets you retain depth of field as well as the composition of your photograph, while still bracketing to insure that perfect shot.

The MXTENDERTM has been designed with durability and ease of use foremost in mind. Its structural components are precision machined of corrosion-resistant tempered aluminum alloy, then matte finished and black anodized. The fiber optic fittings are machined of corrosion-proof 316 stainless steel. The MXTENDERTM integrates perfectly with the MX-10/YS40 camera system, mounting easily in place and allowing you to quickly and securely move the strobe on or off camera. It also works seamlessly with our
Save-A-Lens Kit MXTM.

The MXTENDERTM can be used alone with great results. You merely handhold the strobe, which gives you ultimate control of its positioning, but is more demanding on you, since you have both hands occupied.

If you want to go a step further and add an arm system, the MXTENDERTM enables you to do so. Our
Strobe Arm Adapter allows an MXTENDER-equipped YS-40 strobe to mount to any standard Sea&Sea or compatible strobe arm. Newer MX-10's with the threaded socket on their bottom will work as-is with a Sea&Sea or compatible base. We also support older MX-10's lacking the socket with our MX-Base, which integrates with the MXTENDER to allow attachment of the strobe arm to the camera.

The MXTENDERTM is accompanied by a 19-page installation and instruction manual. It includes step-by-step illustrated instructions, as well as tips on using the many benefits of the MXTENDERTM to help take your photography to places it has never been.

The MXTENDERTM is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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